Samil 20 Hunter Light Strike Vehicle (Refurbished)

Samil 20 Hunter (Refurbished)

The Hunter  is based on the proven Samil 20 high mobility truck. It is mainly used for specialist tasks like patrols, personnel extraction, search and rescue, special operations and reconnaissance.  The Patrol is the standard vehicle while the Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) is fitted with weapon mountings for use by by special operations or light strike teams where surprise, situational awareness, fire power and a highly mobile and robust platform are essential for combat survivability. It has a crew of driver, commander and 5 gunners. The weaponry of the LSV  consists of a 12,7mm or 14,5 mm machine gun plus three 7,62mm light machine guns to provide all round fire power. The main users of the Hunter are military, police, civil authorities and security companies.